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Problem with a cpc

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First of all : Hello everybody, it’s been a really long time since I came due to personal problems...
I almost didn’t touch any CPC since 2 years....
Now that  have more personal time I decided to came back, and to begin, I put in my mind to restore a cpc 6128.

So someone gave me a faulty cpc... and after  opening it, I understood why  :picard:
I think the previous owner tried to replace the Amsdos rom, by another eprom. But just pulled it at Some point without desoldering it properly. Then he tried to wire the missing lines...
It gives that :

I checked everything and it seems fine.
But when powering the cpc on my ctm644, the image doesn’t stop scrolling as if there was a frequency problem...
Here is the video : [size=78%][/size]

Do you have any idea what the problem could be ?

Thank you all !!!!

Dodgy ground on the monitor socket.


So simple I even didn’t think about it  :o
Thank you Bryce always here when help is needed 👍

I’ll try it

Check the joints under the Monitor socket, they often get cracks.


I checked the monitor socket. No problem with it, I tested with a multimeter no continuity problem...


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