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Started by ComSoft6128, 16:17, 14 January 21

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Prompted by an insatiable curiosity (IE boredom ::) ) I've been wondering if I can use Protext to produce the text for my emails.
I've been using a Gotek for the last few months - so no problem using a USB stick as a storage medium.
As usual here all files transferred from the CPC to the USB are stored in .dsk files which I've emptied of their original contents.

So, is there a Windows program that will open a .dsk image and also display an ASCII file?
If so I can then copy and paste to the end destination - email.




Darn it! I thought from the heading that you were using Protext and an M4 board to send emails direct from the CPC  :picard:


The last time I used the CPC for email was 1998/9(?) and I was using Ansiterm and a modem - great days!

Check this out:


That was a very nice terminal program... The interface rivals those I used in my early PC days.


Indeed, and its a perfect example of PD CPC software outperforming commercial CPC programs, DosCopy by Face Hugger would also fall into this category.



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