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PS2CPC users - installation guidance

Started by megatronuk, 14:25, 20 January 22

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I've had a few copies of Gerald's PS2CPC interface board made up and am looking through my spare parts pile for the various components (just need the ATtiny MCU now)....

But, I'm struggling to visualise how the board gets installed.

Does anyone have an image of a PS2CPC board (using the 1.0b of Gerald's schematic) installed in a 464?


The boards arrived from PCB Way and are rather nice for $10 including shipping!

I can see where SV2 and SV3 headers connect to, via the diagram in Geralds source package, but I also picked up that the board is intended to fit on/under the original CPC board... is that correct?


I finally got this put together.... But it isn't working correctly.

You cannot view this attachment.

I've programmed the ATTINY with both the original hex file in the code distributed by @gerald  ... As well as applying the 'inline' optimisations reccomended in later discussions.

The controller definitely initialises - the NumLock light toggles on and off and most keys produce input... Just not the input they are supposed to:

You cannot view this attachment.

That's the output of pressing each row of alphanumeric keys on the keyboard; 1-0, qwertyuiop, asdfghjkl, zxcvbnm. Not one key produces the correct character, but some are either +2 or -2 keys away from what they should.

The CPC keyboard works properly and there is no garbage input or ghost keystrokes when not touching the keys.

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