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recommendations for a good cpc power supply

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I need to find a good power supply for my cpc. I need one which has good power and has enough power for  expansions.

Does anybody recommend where I can buy one?

The one i buy in spain ( have 5A  in 5V.

it not cheap, but is a very good power supply, its cold.

NIMO - Alimentador Regulable Universal 5..12Vcc/60W: Electrónica

You can use it in normal cpc or in plus.It use interchambiable crystal to select the voltage,One crystal=1 voltaje. And is possible select the polarity to other uses.

ir support 100-240v 1200mA input 50-60hz you only need swap the cable to uk type connector. easy to find.

NEW UK Mains Power Lead Cable Cord For Sony Playstation PS4 PS 4 Console | eBay

I bought this one the other day at it is really nice:

Hifi linear DC 5V output power 25W USB/amp/DAC/external power supply | eBay

I had to ground it though, but it was actually very easy. The good news about this PSU is that is a linear power supply that does not interfere with old CRT screens...

BTW, I need them to come with the cables to connect into the CPC or somewhere that sells good quality cables for CPC otherwise I'll try and make my own and have problems again   :picard:

The best thing to do is to use a PC PSU.
You cal also use it with other micros, a multipsu  ;D


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