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Sourcing DMP2000 ribbon

Started by darkhalf, 08:46, 25 March 23

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Looking for a ribbon for the DMP-2000 printer

I've recently acquired one of these printers but it did not come with a ribbon. I had found a spanish website which sold them

So managed to get some ordered. Later they replied they actually did not have stock and refunded the order

There was a similar Reddit post 
from r/Amstrad

Which said that C.Itoh was the main producer of the printers and Fulihua had the moulds, but not the equipment to manufacture using them (were listed on AliExpress) so that is a dead end

Other links I found also no stock (listed other compatible models)

I found another site, but no response:

Does anyone else have any leads where to purchase these, or something similar which I could modify that may work? Or even an old dry ribbon floating around which I can purchase and try and revive. Ribbon length is 72cm length. Thanks
CPC464/GT64, CPC464 Plus/CTM640, 2 x CPC6128/CTM644


CPC464/GT64, CPC464 Plus/CTM640, 2 x CPC6128/CTM644


Please share if it works out. The question comes up every now and then and a real source would be great. 


I might end up purchasing a few if other people are interested, since double shipping is going to be expensive. Shipping costs from Australia are not great though

Rewinding from the forums has been helping my with Spanish only website ordering (after the first Jlmangas order fell through). 

Having two different ribbon sizes with same cartridge housings does not help. 

These are compatible cartridges but the 681 Seikosha cartridges are 0.65M so shorter than the 72cm shown in above images. The seller wants 42EUR for 2 x plus 30EUR shipping (!)
CPC464/GT64, CPC464 Plus/CTM640, 2 x CPC6128/CTM644


Images showing the 681 Seikosha cartridge here. Seller says he doesn't know where it is, so my order might cancel, which might be okay if the Spanish (Microdisk.ES) order goes through
CPC464/GT64, CPC464 Plus/CTM640, 2 x CPC6128/CTM644


Quote from: darkhalf on 01:17, 31 March 23These are compatible cartridges but the 681 Seikosha cartridges are 0.65M so shorter than the 72cm shown in above images. The seller wants 42EUR for 2 x plus 30EUR shipping (!)

I was writing with this seller ("Patronen-Shop24") last year. Unfortunately they didn't have DMP2xxx compatible ribbons anymore. Not sure, if this has changed now.



QuoteNot sure, if this has changed now.
No they don't have anything now
CPC464/GT64, CPC464 Plus/CTM640, 2 x CPC6128/CTM644

The Unready

Looks like the ribbons are well and truly extinct by now, probably Fulihua got rid of the moulds for the plastic parts when they discovered they didn't have a machine to actually produce them.
 I was lucky when I bought my printer and it came with three ribbons - the one inside it now, one I sent to the Danish guy who asked in the Reddit thread above and another one still in its original packaging. Now I'm in an internal conflict: Should I give it away so one more DMP2000 can be revived or keep it in case the one I'm currently using breaks down someday? I also wonder if it would actually print anything if I just put it in the printer or if it's so dried up that without oiling or re-inking it wouldn't work at all. For the moment I'll keep it as Schrödinger's printer ribbon I guess - maybe I'll open it for the DMP-2000's 40th anniversary in 2025.  :laugh:


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Maybe someone could design the plastic parts for 3D printing

The Unready

Quote from: Poliander on 08:08, 02 April 23It might be possible to source them via Alibaba =>
It's been attempted two years ago, the company discovered they no longert have the equipment to produce them. Looks like they forgot to delete the Alibaba listing.


Just an update. Found a TRS-80 printer uses the DMP-100 ribbon. Confirming these are similar types of ribbon but shorter than the DMP-2000 (like in first image)

There are a few pieces and a spring inside. Would be difficult to replicate on a 3D printer

My ebay order for the second hand ribbon fell through (44EUR shipped, seller couldn't locate the package) and no luck with some other sites we identified

Options for DMP-100 model are:

2x Ebay 55 EUR + 31EUR shipping $140AUD

Ebay 44USD + $23USD shipping $100AUD

Both options would need to remove the ribbon and replace with a longer 8mm ribbon to try and make them work on the DMP-2000

Some other spanish website which DMP-2000 listed, didn't actually have stock

There is a DMP-2000 ribbon here 25GPB ($46AUD) plus ship, but waiting for seller to reopen

CPC464/GT64, CPC464 Plus/CTM640, 2 x CPC6128/CTM644


For anyone still reading this one, I've managed to source two DMP cartridges. One came with a VIC-1525 printer ($80AUD posted!) and the other was a spare Tandy DMP-100 cartidge (sealed, but dried out) $70AUD posted

Unfortunately both have dried out so looking at reinking the roller

The ribbons for the DMP-2000 are longer, so I've purchased B0378 Cartridge for Olivetti PR2 etc. This is the same width as the DMP

The main problem is the welding of the longer ribbon. There is a process of using an ultrasonic head to join the ribbon together quickly at high temperatures. Quite an expensive setup for what we are doing, so I'm looking at fine sew or glue (or both) to hold it together

CPC464/GT64, CPC464 Plus/CTM640, 2 x CPC6128/CTM644


Another update. Success!

Despite cutting the original ribbon to the original advertised size 72cm total loop length, this ended up too long. Going back to the (archive of) the spanish JL Managas website I've found it was 

AMSTRAD DMP2000/3160 0.72MM 72CM

So I've ended up with 34cm x 2 = 68cm being a suitable length using the Olivetti PR2 compatible cartridge and a small dob of superglue at the ends holds it

As for the cartridge, some problems were found including the Tandy sealed cartridge internal re-ink wheel disintegrated quickly  :(
The ink wheels are some dense foam compound and normally ink the ribbon passing through. So I'm working from the cartridge which came with the VIC-1525 printer

Some modifications to the DMP-100 cart were required, including cutting the tabs with a knife and gluing to the sides as pictured. This allows the cart to clip into the DMP and using some spring force to hold it together

The printer now works fine, but the ribbon started fading quickly, so I've got some oil based  ink on order, which was recommended by one of the guys on va-de-retro for reinking the foam cylinder

So the printer itself was a reasonable price ($80AUD) but it has cost about the similar price for another DMP-100 ribbon cartridge ~$80AUD posted (only place now for those is ebay: Patronen-Shop24) , plus donor ribbon from the Olivetti PR2 compatible cart (~$25AUD), and the ink (~$20AUD). 

btw Noticed there was another DMP2000 on ebay in Australia at the moment
CPC464/GT64, CPC464 Plus/CTM640, 2 x CPC6128/CTM644

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