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Symbos 3.0 beta, network and playcity

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@Prodatron, did you and @Octoate finally release any driver for Symbos 3.0 networking using the ESP8266? I've got Symbos installed on my CPC464 with X-MASS, X-MEM, Minibooster and Gotek and was wanting to test it :).

Another thing... I'm experiencing some troubles with Playcity on Symbos 2.1. When I boot Symbos from rom (|sym) with Playcity connected, it either does not read from X-MASS or goes crazy drawing with bizarre colours and something that looks like a warning message but results impossible to read. Could it be due to Symbos 2.1. not supporting Playcity and having troubles with it?

My hardware configuration is a CPC464 + MX4 board with this layout: (0) X-MEM, (1) X-MASS, (2) PlayCity, (3) DDI-1 Clone connected to a Gotek. I have Parados 1.1. and 1.2. installed and ACMEDOS.

Hi Ronaldo!

Maybe this is related with your problem:

X-MEM - SymbOS - PlayCity]
[url=]X-MEM - SymbOS - PlayCity[/url]

Yes, @FloppySoftware, it seems to be exactly the same problem I'm experiencing. By looking at @Prodatron and @TotO's posts, I think that Symbos 2.1. routines need to be patched or substituted to properly detect IDE when Playcity (or any other device altering bus signals) is present.

Am I right, @Prodatron? How should I proceed to get SymbOS 3.0 beta working from ROM with Playcity? May I also make it use ESP8266 from MiniBooster?

HAL 6128:
Hi ronaldo,

did you try the beta of SymbOS 3.x? Start from the disc? The ROMs (v2.1) of SymbOS don't work with the X-Mass.


Hi @HAL 6128,

   I haven't tried Symbos 3.0 beta yet. I'm using Symbos 2.1 started from ROM and X-MASS works flawlessly, provided that PlayCity is not connected to the bus :).

   Anyway, I want to try Symbos 3.0 and do things with it. However, I want to know if they finally developed something around ESP8266 or not: I'm interested in network connections :). However, I think there are really promising hardware projects around this :)


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