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I am in the process of upgrading my 464 Plus to a 6128 Plus and I already installed the RAM with the required capacitors and resistors, although I still cannot connect the floppy drive because an IC is missing  . The thing is that I would like to test if the RAM is OK or not and the only input method I have at the moment is the C4CPC. In there I have the Arnold 5 Diagnostic ROM so I used it to check the RAM. It detects 7 banks and says that all of them are fine after running the test. Of course, if I do the test but I remove one of the RAM chips it fails. This is great, but when I try to run one of the 128KB demos from the C4CPC I only see a black screen. So, I actually do not know if the test is reliable or the demos do not run for whatever other reason. Could you give me any advice?

Thank you!! 

P.D: The RAM is installed is from NEC, with the reference D41464C-10

P.D: Since I already had some sleep and I am fresher now it think that tonight I am going to try to convert some 128KB demos myself with Nocart and then see what happens  :D

You have the gerald's RAM test.
Quick and dirty RAM test for CPC

Yes, but it is for bank 0, as far as I understood, and I would like to test both banks  :) I ran GeraldĀ“s test yesterday, anyway, and everything was fine  :)

You can use the FutureOS for Cartridge, then enter the MONITOR. Then use the CONFIGURATION to select a RAM block between &C0,&C4, &C5.... &FF.

Then you can dump, edit, fill, copy etc. that RAM and play with it.  :)

That is actually a good idea! Thank you!  :)


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