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CPC 464 (not plus) - trouble with loading

Started by chaosbc, 16:08, 05 February 23

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I have made a jump back in the past when I decided to save this cpc464.
My only but big issue at this point is being able to reliably be able to load  .cdt files.
I have tried with a car audio cassette adapter and had some success with few games but constant failure with most cdt to be honest.

So...I have decided to solder a jack cable directly to the mother board like this guy did on this video:   (in his video he tries 3 times and the last one - the successful one - is the method I have applied)
The only difference is I do not use a TZXDuino (tapdancer) but my phone or my laptop (cdt2wav) => both always in plane mode

While it seems to be slightly better (few games that returned a read error b now work) I still have a fair amount of errors... I mean even more than back in 1984 ^^

I wonder if the volume of the source matters... I mean if a game is properly loaded at a specific volume...should all work? (given that the audio source is digital)

Also I noticed some occasional parasite noise in the cpc internal speaker (even when not in loading mode)
I don't know if this is the reason...

Sure the most realiable way would be a SD floppy emulator but before investing money in that I would like to figure out what exactly is going wrong.

Thanks in advance for your help.


volume does matter...
the tzxduino just puts out a digital signal, no amplification, so using a phone or laptop will need the volume set right, usually half way is good...

also slowing the baud rate can help alot (but youre not using a txzduino so its not so easy to do!)


In addition just this : on todays modern smartphones even FULL volume ist too low to load a CDT file properly ;)


Hi guys tanks for the answers.
I will give it another set of hundred of tries anytime soon.

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