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Trying to get my old Amstrad working with a gotek

Started by voky, 09:57, 25 October 23

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Hey everyone, recently I tried reviving an old Amstrad PCW 8256 but it's my first time approaching an Amstrad machine, I purchased a gotek so that I can run the machine and try out some old 3" floppies that I found. 
The problem I'm currently facing is that I hooked up the gotek to my 8256 but when I turn it on it's only a green screen with a black bar refreshing. I put the right FF.cfg in the usb stick and also a couple of dsk images to test it out, the gotek LED menu works and changes images but nothing happens on my screen.

Is it maybe something to do with hardware or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance


I do not own a PCW (and likely never will), but the floppy connection looks very similar to the 6128 setup. So you have only 26 data lines from the PCW mainboard to the drive, where the Gotek has 34 lines. 

Checking both Service Manuals the cable is 100% the same for both, so everything from the 6128 applies to the PCW as well.

That requires either an adapter or some cable hacking to make it work.

Also ensure that GND is connected to GND. 

On PCW side of things that is the odd numbered PINS. On Gotek side, that is also the odd pins, which are the lower row of pins if you have the gotek pcb on the bottom. 

Being not an expert here, I would compare schematics of 6128 internal drive with the PCW schematic and if the have the same cable layout, you can use the same adapter available on ebay for 6128.

This is just an example, you can order it from many sources.

This should help you as well.

Two things to consider:

1. You need a cable/adapter
2. You need to take care of the power supply cable, as it is in the PCW most likely not the correct orientation.
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Thank you for the reply, I had already struggled a bit with the cabling, but managed to use jumper cables to use the right pins (without the motor selection pins) and the ground connection on the off numbered pins (1-25). I also killed like 2 usb sticks without realising that I need to switch off the 12v connection going through the gotek.

Now my current issue is whether I need to diagnose the hardware or if there is a specific boot requirements that I need to fulfil. I downloaded CP/M plus on the usb of the gotek but it won't boot into it. I also already tried connecting the printer that it's accompanied by because I've heard it was necessary for the boot sequence. 

Most videos i've seen surrounding the 8256 had a green screen and then loaded into the CP/M plus.
Also another issue is that the drive belts were desintegraded and had them replaced but they still beep twice after a minute of the disk being inserted.

Have you had any troubles with your 6128 similar to these?


In that regards those two are totally different computers.

But as I said, I never had a PCW. You may want to try an emulator to see how normal operation would work
Proud owner of 2 Schneider CPC 464, 1 Schneider CPC 6128, GT65 and lots of books
Still learning all the details on how things work.


From what I know the OS isnt in a rom inside the PCW, so you must have automatic loading of a disk by your gotek countaining the OS.

Check the PCW wiki at
Amstrad news site at Genesis8 Amstrad Page


As mentioned by @genesis8 the PCW looks for the operating system (CP/M plus) on the floppy in drive A. With a Gotek fitted it checks the currently selected DSK image. For this to work the DSK must be in the correct format for a PCW (it's not the same as a CPC) and it must have an EMS file in the image. Once the PCW has booted from this DSK you can change DSKs in your Gotek and run other things. I can supply a suitable DSK if you wish.

Unfortunately, you may have 'fried' the Gotek when you connected 12V to it.

Cheers, Richard.
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