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typing multiple letter after one keystroke


i am having trouble with my amstrad cpc 6128 as when i type in a keystroke it does the letter before it
an example would be  that if i pressed the letter "d" it would type "sd" or if i type the letter "g" it would be "gf"
it also types the number 4 when pressing shift
*EDIT* i failed to say that this only happens on some of the keys and sometimes after a restart its fine asif it was a hotkey or shortcut causing this *EDIT*

any help would be a blessing
im going insane  :'(


Either the membrane needs cleaning or your AY-3-8912 (Chip that looks after sound and keyboard) is probably failing.


Here's what I did to clean my 6128's keyboard last weekend. It was really boring to dismantle every tiny spring, bathing the keys with soapy water, wiping the membrane etc. I ended up with losing a couple springs but I replaced them salvaging a spare 464, thanks god. In the end, the keyboard refurbished as new :)


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