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wav -> CPC
« on: 19:28, 17 March 20 »
I'm sure this is covered before but I'm struggling to find *that* much info on it.

I have two CPCs, a 464 and a 6128. I have no disks, and the belts on the tape deck are worn. New ones on the way but I am looking for a simple way to get some things on to the computer for now. I don't have HxC money.

I've got a 6128 audio/tape cable on the way but I found a 3.5mm jack to 5-pin DIN cable in the garage. I know I've done this with one of them but not sure this is the cable. I've got a wav of a known game on my phone and can hear it when I press play. The DIN is in the TAPE on the 6128 and the audio out on my phone. I type |tape, then RUN", then hit play and ... nothing. Tried vol at 100% and 100+% (when it goes into the red) - not a sausage.

Is it likely the cable is wrong? appears to be a standard stereo jack plug to a standard 5-pin DIN. If this is *not* the right cable, can it be hacked in any way to make it the right cable while waiting for the new one to come? I notice the one coming has separate jacks for ear/mic (and remote but we don't be having one of them!) so maybe I could chop this into a mono cable somehow?

Also is there a way to use the same system on the 464? I've got new belts coming but would rather keep all solid-state if that's possible