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Started by ohowson, 19:28, 17 March 20

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I'm sure this is covered before but I'm struggling to find *that* much info on it.

I have two CPCs, a 464 and a 6128. I have no disks, and the belts on the tape deck are worn. New ones on the way but I am looking for a simple way to get some things on to the computer for now. I don't have HxC money.

I've got a 6128 audio/tape cable on the way but I found a 3.5mm jack to 5-pin DIN cable in the garage. I know I've done this with one of them but not sure this is the cable. I've got a wav of a known game on my phone and can hear it when I press play. The DIN is in the TAPE on the 6128 and the audio out on my phone. I type |tape, then RUN", then hit play and ... nothing. Tried vol at 100% and 100+% (when it goes into the red) - not a sausage.

Is it likely the cable is wrong? appears to be a standard stereo jack plug to a standard 5-pin DIN. If this is *not* the right cable, can it be hacked in any way to make it the right cable while waiting for the new one to come? I notice the one coming has separate jacks for ear/mic (and remote but we don't be having one of them!) so maybe I could chop this into a mono cable somehow?

Also is there a way to use the same system on the 464? I've got new belts coming but would rather keep all solid-state if that's possible


Where are plugging the DIN into?



It's impossible to say whether the cable is the correct one without measuring which pins the jack plug is wired too. But even if it is the correct cable, phones don't produce a very strong signal and even at 100% it might just be too low for the CPC to recognise it. Do you have any old-school tape deck that you could try instead?


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