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Commodore's 16 bit home computer AMIGA is one of the best known and loved of it's generation.

It was maybe the first real Multi Media home computer long before Apple's Mac.

It had a lot of co-processor and sweet architecture tricks making it a powerful computer.

The A500 was perhaps the most well known emblematic model.

Although it was great, it was eventually left behind by the PC standard thanks to Commodore's Corporates non sense and failure to develop the design furthur.

A kind of sweet vengeance for Amstrad users (who suffered the same thing, thank you Lord Sugar...).


  • A1000 : first released in 1985. Technically an avant-gardiste multimedia PC. Has the OCS chipset.
  • A500 : the case is the Combo style shared with Atari ST or even Amstrad Plus range. Has the OCS or ECS chipset.
  • A500+: an A500 with Kickstart v2.1. Has the ECS chipset.
  • A2000 : Like the A1000, a PC style professionnal machine.
  • A3000
  • A4000 : has the AGA chipset.
  • A4000T : a A4000 in a tower case.
  • A600 : a compact A500, looks a lot like a C64. Has the ECS chipset.
  • A1200 : has the AGA chipset.

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