Amstrad Action February 1988 Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the February 1988 issue of Amstrad Action:


  • Centithief (F & J Akinlawon)
  • Disintegrator (Simon Knights)
  • Block save (Kevin Jones)
  • SmArt (Robert Buckley)
  • Wave (Seg Gorham) NB 464 only
  • Multiutil (Andrew Sharp)


* Disintegrator: run the listing or incorporate into your own program, then when you want to clear the screen enter CALL &BF00

* Block Save: lets you save Basic or binary programs to cassette in one large block. The routine introduces two extra commands: |BSAVE and |BLOAD. To save a program you must supply the start address and length: for a Basic program enter |BSAVE,&179,HIMEME-FRE(0) making sure to note the value HIMEM-FRE(0) as you'll need it to load the program back into memory using |BLOAD,&170,length

* Centithief: left and right arrows for controls. Despite the listing being named "Centithief" in AA, the code says "Centethief" as the name

* SmArt: currently set for cursor keys and copy, swap KE=1 to KE=0 in line 20 to use joystick. Select colours with f0-f3

* Wave: this is a 464-only machine code version of AA27's Wave program. Run the listing, load a screen at location &4000 then enter either |HWAVE or |VWAVE: Memory &3FFF:LOAD"screen",&4000:x=2.6:|HWAVE,@x. The variable x is a real number corresponding to the distortion factor (try values between 2.25 to 2.7)

* MultiUtil: Supplies Basic with a handful of useful commands. When run, the program saves itself as a binary file. This means you can use it later from your own programs: MEMORY &A4FF:LOAD"util. bin",&A500 will do the trick.

The extra commands are: |XOR - inverts the colours on the screen.

|MERGE - merges two screens together. One is located at &4000, the other at &C000. The two are xored together. For example: MEMORY &3FFF:LOAD"screen1",&4000:LOAD"screen2",&C000:|MERGE

|COPY.0 - copies the screen from &4000 to &C000. |COPY.1 - does the opposite to the above.

|WAIT - pauses the computer until a key is pressed.

|REPEAT.ON - sets a key to auto-repeat: k%=18:|REPEAT.ON,k% where k% refers to the key number (found at the back of the User Instructions or the top of the 6128's disk drive). |REPEAT.OFF - does the opposite to the above.

|COPYCHAR - returns the Ascii value of a character at the current cursor position: a%=0:|COPYCHAR,@a%:PRINT a%

|SHIFT - turns the shift lock on.

|CAPS - turns the Caps lock on.

|FLUSH - flushes the keyboard buffer.

|MOTOR.ON - turns on the cassette motor |MOTOR.OFF - does the opposite to the above.

|HELP - lists all the rsx commands available.

|BIGK - remember the BIGK formatter which appeared on the previous Christmas '86 cover cassette? Well, this routine makes it possible for you to load and save to the high capacity format easily.

|DATA - allows you to use standard formats again