Amstrad Action January 1993 Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the January 1993 issue of Amstrad Action:


  • Smoulder (Daniel Argent)
  • Inflation Calculator (D Jarret)
  • Blocks (Simon Clark)
  • Simpson (Tony Watson)
  • Word Processor (Peter Davis)


  • Smoulder - A new file has been uploaded to correct some typos, however there are some additional problems with this game, that can be corrected with the follow patched lines:
560 PEN 1:FOR n=1 TO 5:IF y>=6 THEN LOCATE x,y-n:PRINT"."
610 FOR n=1 TO 5:IF y>=6 THEN LOCATE x,y-n:PRINT" ":NEXT n
630 PEN 1:FOR n=1 TO 5:IF b<=20 THEN LOCATE a,b+n:PRINT"."
660 FOR n=1 TO 5:IF b<=19 THEN LOCATE a,b+n:PRINT" ":NEXT n