Amstrad Action March 1986 Type-Ins

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The following type-ins were published in the March 1986 issue of Amstrad Action:

  • Amstrad Drumkit (John Keneally)
  • Psychedelic Plot (John Keneally)
  • Disk Menu (Mike Singleton)
  • Graphic Patterns (Martin Scarland)

A modification to Amstrad Drumkit was published in the June 1986 issue (#9). The modified version later appeared on the covertape included with the Christmas 1986 issue (#16), and again on the covertape included with the November 1991 issue (#74).

John Keneally also programmed the game Dervish, which was published by The Power House in 1988.

Graphic Patterns is a slightly modified version of a listing that was published in the CPC464 User Instructions. This was confirmed by a reader who wrote a letter to Amstrad Action, which was published in the May 1986 issue (#8).