Amstrad Action November 1988 Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the November 1988 issue of Amstrad Action:


  • Pull Down Menus (Marcus Williams) NB 6128 only
  • Patterns (Nigel Myers)
  • Memkit (Mark Baldwin)


* Pull Down Menus: control with cursor keys and space, or joystick. Some comments in AA begin to explain modifications to make the program work on 464 but stop short of providing a complete list.

* Memkit: adds six new RSXs to help when looking around memory -

|MDUMP,address,lines,rom - dumps contents of RAM or ROM to the screen from given address. Lines is the number of lines to dump 0-255. The upper rom number can be included.

|MTYPE,address - prints memory contents in ASCII

|MFILL,address,length,byte - fills the contents of memory from address with the btye value (length from 0-65535).

|BMOVE,source,destination,length - moves a block of code; source is start address, destination is target address, length is size of block in bytes

|DOKE,address,integer - places a 16 bit integer in the given address (integers from 0-65535, oijes in low byte first then high)

|DEEK,address,@variable - reads a 16 bit value into an integer variable from the address. Declare the variable before using the command!