Amstrad Action November 1989 Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the November 1989 issue of Amstrad Action:


  • 128k Memory Swapper (Alistair Young)
  • Fracland (Andy Wood) NB 664/6128 only
  • Data Creator (Richard Carr)
  • Boggle (Andy Wood) NB 664/6128 only
  • Super CAT (Peter Dalton)
  • Fireworks (Johnny Chan)
  • Screen Effects 1 and 2 (David Hall)
  • Dirprint (Ivan Fontaine)


  • 128k Memory Swapper: two versions provided on the DSK image, swap6128 (6128 only) and swap464 (for 464/664 machines).

|MSAVE copies ram banks 0-2 into 5-7, and |MSWAP exchanges information in these banks. The RSXs reside at &AF00 which will survive a system reset. You must |MSAVE before you can |MSWAP

  • Data Creator: first load the .bin file you want to convert, then run this program and answer the questions to save out a file called "DATA"
  • Screen effects: number 1 rolls the screen upwards, number 2 cycles the paper colour at 1 second intervals
  • Boggle: two versions provided for 464/664 (boggle4.bas) and 6128 (boggle6.bas) on the DSK image