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Amstrad CM14 Color Monitor

This was the colour monitor sold together with the CPC464plus/CPC6128plus computers.

It was also available as an option to the GX4000 video console.

As the disk drive of the CPC6128plus didn't need 12V anymore, the monitor provided a 5V power supply only. Unlike the precedessors CTM640/CTM644 it also had built-in stereo speakers and thus a different connector for the signals. It can therefore not be used for the classic CPCs without adaptor cable.

Technical Specs.

Tube diameter: 36cm/14"
Visible diameter: 34.5cm/13.5"
Input voltage: 220V~/50Hz
Power consumption: 67W
Output voltage: 5V 2.4A



User Manual

The procedure of setting up the CPCplus/GX4000 with the CM14 monitor is described in the CPC464plus/CPC6128plus and GX4000 User Manual.

Service Manual