Amstrad ROM Expander

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Self-built version of the Rom Expander

The Amstrad ROM Expansion was published 1988 in the Practical Electronics magazine by Simon Dean. It is possible to use up to six expansion ROMs (16 kB each) with the board. Because there are only a few parts needed, the price of the board is inexpensive.

Part List

R1		620 Ohm	0.25W
C1-C6		100nF ceramic
C7		22uF elect
IC1		74LS32
IC2		74LS374
IC3		74LS138
IC4		74LS02
IC5		74LS20
D1		1N4148

Note: There is a contradiction in the original documentation below. In the parts list, IC2 is listed as 74LS373, this is incorrect, it should be 74LS374 as shown in the circuit diagram on page 1.