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The Apprentice by Mastertronic

The Apprentice is a game from Mastertronic


Title: The Apprentice
Company: Mastertronic
Written by: James Higgins
Type: Platform / Maze
Year: 1986


Come tender novice, your skill to try at this game to end all games. Save the apprentice from his blundering spell. Steer him round permicious pitfalls, through concealing extist! Does disaster await the apprentice? Play it and see!

Game Play

You control an apprentice wizard around a labyrinth hunting for 10 special rings. In order to get these rings, you must navigate the hazards and traps that lay in wait. You are armed with lightning bolts, but beware you have a limited supply of these. There are plenty of objects scattered throughout which are needed to give to a wizard in order to get access to different areas (usually there is a ring nearby). Different wizards want different objects so it is up to you to figure this out. There are also secret passageways through the brick work. Watch out for fire! Collect all 10 rings to complete the game. Greensleeves plays throughout. Joystick or Keyboard.

This game is often compared to Sorcery - as being the inspiration for this.




Cheat Mode / Hints

Useful Objects: Treasure Chest, Horse Shoe, Picture, Bottle, Candlestick, Wine Bottle, Chalice, Apple, Shield and Spell Book. The rest are red herrings.

Use the 4 scrolls to open secret passageways in the Wizards lair near the Blue Rings, press S to use a scroll.