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Nowadays, the Atari brand belongs to Ex-Infogrames.

Used to build 8 bits consoles (Atari2600...), 8 bits computers and the famous Atari ST (16 bit)

8 bit

Atari 8-bit family on the other WIKI

16 bit

The Atari ST were released in 1985-86...

They were famous for being  :

  • Inferior to the Amiga yet still better (the war still rages on nowadays).
  • A hardware Midi Port : this spawned a generation of Musician Geeks.
  • used widely in Amstrad CPC software developments (mostly games ?).

It's use in CPC development (Cross Development) had many advantages :

  • Quite similar Video Resolutions : 320x200x16.
  • Possibility of a good GUI : easier, really.
  • Same Sound Chip : almost.
  • Quite powerfull to calculate sweet Data Compression (used in Xyphoes Fantasy)

Atari ST on the other WIKI