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B360K was a famous 3.5" CPC-Floppy format mostly used in germany without any ROM. Under Basic-Amsdos you had always to start B360K.bas, then you could use your external drive with 80 tracks resulting in 360kB free. To use the second side of the disk your drive needed a side select switch.

Provided was the Basic-File to use the format under AMSDOS, a b360k.com file to use it under CP/M+ and a program to format a disk using |Format80 on drive B:

       5 'Formatierprogramm fuer B360K-Format
       6 MODE 2:PRINT "ACHTUNG! Format80 nur unter AMSDOS lauffaehig."
       7 print " VORTEX,XDDOS aus!"
      20 FOR N=&A600 TO &A687:READ B:POKE N,B:NEXT
      30 CALL &A600:PRINT  "Das Laufwerk B: kann jetzt mit "
      35 print "|Format80 formatiert werden !":NEW
      40 DATA &01,&0F,&A6,&21,&1D,&A6,&CD,&D1,&BC,&3E,&C9
      50 DATA &32,&00,&A6,&C9,&14,&A6,&C3,&21,&A6,&46,&4F
      60 DATA &52,&4D,&41,&54,&38,&B0,&00,&00,&00,&00,&00
      70 DATA &21,&60,&A6,&CD,&D4,&BC,&D0,&22,&61,&A6,&79
      80 DATA &32,&63,&A6,&16,&00,&1E,&01,&0E,&41,&7A,&32
      90 DATA &64,&A6,&32,&68,&A6,&32,&6C,&A6,&32,&70,&A6
      100 DATA &32,&74,&A6,&32,&78,&A6,&32,&7C,&A6,&32,&80
      110 DATA &A6,&32,&84,&A6,&21,&64,&A6,&D5,&DF,&61,&A6
      120 DATA &D1,&3E,&4F,&14,&BA,&30,&D4,&C9,&86,&00,&00
      130 DATA &00,&00,&00,&41,&02,&00,&00,&43,&02,&00,&00
      140 DATA &45,&02,&00,&00,&47,&02,&00,&00,&49,&02,&00
      150 DATA &00,&42,&02,&00,&00,&44,&02,&00,&00,&46,&02
      160 DATA &00,&00,&48,&02

The original |B360K RSX was not compatible with other external roms installed. [Shining] has written a ROM-Version, which is compatible to [M4 Board] for example.

Download the files: B360K.zip