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A Direct Disk to Cartridge Port.

This game is the sequel to Barbarian (Palace Software), perhaps the most well known sword fighting game of its era.

No extra Plus features are used. It is not known how different this version is compared to the CPC version.


Title: Barbarian 2 ( Cartridge )
Company: Palace Software
Type: Beat-em-up
Year: 1989


When released on CPC (old) Barbarian 2 was considered a good game, despite a somewhat limited playability.

Graphics were pretty good yet the Adventure/exploration aspect perhaps disappointed the Sword-Fight-Only fans of the prequel.

Also the bigger sprites and various monsters opponents were quite fun.

The "beheading" feature was kept (still possible against some opponents) and the possibility to play with the princess added some kind of Fan-service.

Some cracked Disk version were notorious for displaying a naked princess instead of the golden bikini. O_o

But the GX4000/PLUS cartridge lacked the 4096 colours palette which would enable a better choice and greater atmosphere.

Also due to DATA storage limitation (128K Eprom only) the intro pages/menus were skipped, and no gameplay improvements were actually added (the use of the 2-button paddle?)

A 3rd game of the franchise (Barbarian III) is announced at the end of the game yet it was never done...until someone do it at last?


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You can download in PDF from CPCmania ( See the links ).


You can download in CPR for use in emulators and BIN from CPCmania ( See the links ).


Here a longplay courtesy of Xyphoes.

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