Barrier Reef

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Barrier Reef
Titlescreen of the game
Developer B. Jones
Company The Power House
Publisher The Power House
Musician Unknown
Release 1987
Platform(s) CPC
Genre Arcade
Game Modes Unknown
Controls Keyboard Joystick
Media disk Cassette
Language Language:english
Information Unknown


You must escape the undersea world (The Barrier Reef) through a series of caves and caverns - which essentially is a large maze. Certain sections of the maze are blocked and you need to remove this block by finding a bomb and placing it at the block. Beware of everything! Everything will kill you. Also conspiring against you is your constant need for air - luckily air tanks are placed along the way. You will also find money along the way as well, which contributes to your 'Cash'. It looks like you are carrying a weapon, but unfortunately you are not and must duck and weave with good timing to get through the nasties that await!