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Bits & Bytes was a New Zealand produced microcomputer magazine. It was first published in 1982 for the home computing market. The magazine covered every platform available at the time in New Zealand. As models became available in New Zealand, the magazine expanded to cover them all. The first issue was free, with the next issue starting out at $1.00.

Around April 1985, CPC machines starting being reviewed and became available to New Zealanders. CPC content gradually starting appearing in the magazine from then on as well - which took the form of a regular Amstrad column in the magazine. This was generally only about 1 or 2 pages in the entire magazine. There was occasional Amstrad news which appeared in the news section plus various advertisements for Amstrad machines, hardware, software and games of course.

Bits & Bytes continued with 11 issues each year until September 1998. The last 3 issues using the NZ Computer masthead.


  • Game reviews
  • Software / Utiltity reviews
  • Type-ins
  • Tips and tricks
  • Hardware
  • Software/Hardware sales advertising
  • Technical Glossaries
  • Tutorials
  • User Letters
  • Programming
  • General platform scene news - local and international

The magazine was renamed NZ Computer around 1996.

Scans: Only issues with CPC content shown