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A C64 Port is the name given to a game which has some content which has been taken directly from the C64 with very little changes. Normally the content is graphics, and normally from C64's lower resolution mode, because the C64 has some modes which are similar to the Amstrad's. This practice is normally not very common because the C64 has a different CPU so it could not share game code with the Amstrad.

Examples where C64 graphics were used on the Amstrad:

  • Predator (title screen)
  • Flimbo's Quest (title screen and game graphics)
  • some DanDare games (DanDare III ?)

Sometimes, the CPC game would display sprites which would seem to look crude and poorly coloured, or the colour gradiants would seem chaotic and mismatched. This can be a sign of graphical C64 port.

  • Stormlord 2 : Deliverance
  • Rick Dangerous

Some games may seem to be C64 port but may also somewhat be Apple II ports.

  • The Bard's Tale
  • Sid Meier's Pirates!

Most of those games were American games actually.