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Prototype of the CPCISA card

What it is

CPCISA is a project from Siou, also hosted/worked on at Yarek. CPCISA is currently under development (but on hold?) by Futur's. Basically it is a hardware add-on that lets you connect ISA cards to your old CPC! Some examples of what it can offer:

  • An I/O interface (Serial and parallel ports, Floppy and IDE ports)
  • An internal (card) modem (probably a full-featured modem is needed; that is, not a winmodem/softmodem)
  • A SoundBlaster card (or 100% compatible)
  • A network card


The card is working, however there are only 4 cards built. This is because the card is complex and outdated, ISA peripherals and the AT standard becoming old. The software can use the Adlib synthesis of the soundcard to play some sounds, and there is a read and write sector routine for the hard disk but no filesystem to use it. It is not possible to use EGA/VGA or other video card with this system (CPCISA decodes only I/O ports, not memory mapped VRAM).

Additional info