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CPC Word was a word processor for the Amstrad CPC written from 1990 to 1992 by Jörn Mika (Prodatron). It was very complex and included a complete data base application and a spell checker. Many parts have been realised in Basic, and therefore it was sometimes not very fast. Another problems was, that the length of one line was limited to 80 chars, and the text formatting functions didn't handle control codes.

Special features

  • Support of dk'tronics compatible memory expansions with up to 512KB ram
  • Multi column text format support
  • Undo function for unlimited operations
  • Integration of symbol graphics and high-resolution graphics into the text
  • Page preview function shows up to three downscaled pages
  • WYSIWYG preview mode
  • Automatic generation of the table of content
  • Automatic generation of the text structure with up to five levels
  • Mail merge function with support of expressions and conditions
  • Printer spooler
  • Context based online help
  • Integrated data base module
  • Integrated spell checker module

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CPC Word was reviewed in CPCAI issue 8/9 1992 (Page 82-83)