CWTA Issue 38 - February 1988 - Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the February 1988 issue of Computing_with_the_Amstrad:


  • Knight's Reply (Jordi Domenech)
  • Sound Programming (Alex O'Donovan)
  • Road Hog (Bill Hamley)
  • Permutations (Alan Smith)
  • Quick Dragons (Martin Wielgus)
  • Turbotext (Chris Nixon)
  • Micro Whist (Roland A Waddilove)
  • The Grim Marshes (Clive Gifford)
  • Screen Dump For KDS 8-Bit Printer ports (Ian Sharpe)


  • All files here originally created by Nich Campbell.
  • Grim Marshes: The original listing contained errors; these are all fixed in the version supplied here. The commands available are NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST (you can't enter N, S, E and W), TIME, TAKE, WEAR and CLIMB. Due to the program's simplicity, when you enter TAKE, you take all of the objects in the room!
  • Screen Dump: First run KDS's own initialisation program, then run this program. By default, the RSX is designed for printers which use ESC+K to switch to bit image printing, but if you change the CALL &9000 in line 150 to CALL &9000,1, the RSX will work with Epson-compatible printers.
  • The postbag had a routine to indicate Caps Lock within Protext - the version supplied on the disk image contains the modification for disk users.