CWTA Issue 40 - April 1988 - Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the April 1988 issue of Computing_with_the_Amstrad:


  • Disc Library (Vesa Polkki) NB correction from May 1988 included
  • Cube Wars (Johnathan Pugh)
  • Disc File Header Reader (Simon Mugan)
  • Interrupt Driven Scroller (Jakob Givoni)
  • Supershift Typing Aid For Protext (Chris Nixon)


  • All files here originally created by Nich Campbell.
  • A 10-liner called Grapics by Salim Benadel, which was published in this issue, is a version of a program in the CPC manual (the same one that Spiral, in the previous issue of CWTA CPC, was based on!), so it's not on the disc.