CWTA Issue 41 - May 1988 - Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the May 1988 issue of Computing_with_the_Amstrad:


  • Menace Of The Atom Monster (Clive Gifford)
  • Move a Character Using Joystick in Machine Code (Ian Sharpe)
  • Caverns (W. Booth)
  • Beat (Graham Read)
  • Telstar (Jostein Rortveit)
  • Toolbox: Fastformat, Multiscreen Dump, Data Loader Generator (Ian Sharpe)
  • Stop Press Conversion (DTP Package) Print Routine Updates (John Blessing)
  • Scramble (Paul Robson)


  • All files here originally created by Nich Campbell.
  • Menace Of The Atom Monster: The commands available are NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST (you can't enter N, S, E and W), TAKE, DROP, OPEN, UNLOCK, WEAR, FIGHT and KILL.
  • Toolbox 1 - Fastformat routine: FORMAT.BAS loads FORMAT.BIN and initialises two RSXs. |FORMAT,n (n=0 = drive A and n=1 = drive B) and |VERIFY,n (checks there are no corrupted sectors after formatting a disc)
  • Toolbox 2 - Multiscreen Dump: MULTIDUM.BAS initialises two RSXs. |MULTIDUMP,s,c (s=size 1-3,small to large; c=background ink number 0-26, usually 0) and |MCONFIG (Configure Printer Type for non Epson-compatibles)
  • Toolbox 3 - Data maker: Load your binary file containing machine code before running DATALOAD.BAS. Supply Start/End addresses of code, number of first line of BASIC program to be generated, line increment and filename to save BASIC program to.
  • Stop Press Conversion is an improved version of a utility that appeared in the October 1987 issue of CWTA CPC. It is a replacement for Stop Press' print function - this program considerably reduces print time and increases the number of printers which use 1280 bits in graphics mode instead of 960 bits. CONVDATA.BAS generates the machine code for the main program and saves it to disc as CONVERT.BIN. CONVERT.BAS is the main printing routine program.
  • The postbag had a routine "Speedy Screen Saver"; run SCRCOPY.BAS to store screens in another area of memory. This is included on the dsk image.