CWTA Issue 45 - September 1988 - Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the September 1988 issue of Computing_with_the_Amstrad:


  • Extra Fonts (Chris Nixon) NB Errors in original listing are corrected
  • Surakarta (Paul Robson)
  • Monte Vegas (Pierre Fostier) NB Errors in original listing are corrected
  • Wheel Of Fortune (David Atkinson)
  • Rebound (Terry Crisp)
  • Super Sorter (Bernard Harrison)
  • Bomb Disposal (Amanda French)
  • Checksum/Get it Right MkII (Roland A Waddilove and Arthur W Smart)


  • All files here originally created by Nich Campbell.
  • Extra Fonts - Several font styles to change the appearance of your text. |BOLD changes text to bold, |ITALIC changes text to italic, |UNDER underlines text, |FEINT causes text to appear faint and fuzzy, and |NORMAL returns text to its normal style.
  • Get it Right MkII - Run this program first, then load the program that you wish to check, but don't run it! Type CALL &9000,line to display the five-digit checksums for each line, where line is the line number to start checking from. If a checksum doesn't match the one printed in the magazine, you've typed that line wrongly, or you have run the program before checking it.