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Warning : this page is humoristic too.

Demoscene is a nice bunch of talented peoples, yet the Active CPC Game Developers are even more awesome (despite often being also Demo makers).

Enter the legend !

Switch from the Demo Maker category to Active CPC Game Developpers.

Needless to say, modern CPC games producers rarely make any money, as almost every nowadays CPC users are also relentless Crackers.

To be in this category, you must have produced a Game in the last 10 years... Or even after the end of the CPC commercial era.

In fact it should be "Post Amstrad demise Game Developpers".

Also old games developpers who still use their CPC today.

But the Game must not be a vaporware and should have reached the Final stage in development.

Spanish Scene seems one of the most active.

French Scene...well...we try !

German, please...stop doing Hardware and OS...just some "spielen" bitte... (irony inside)


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