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Dick Tracy is an adaptation of a movie (with Warren Betty and Madonna sexy as hell) based on an famous american Comic book franchise.


Title: Dick Tracy ( Cartridge )
Company: Titus Software
Type: Arcade
Year: 1990


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You can download in PDF from CPCmania ( See the links ).


You can download in CPR for use in emulators and BIN from CPCmania ( See the links ).

This game exists on CPC version and GX4000/PLUS cartridge.

The 2 versions are quite different (better graphics for the Cartridge) yet none are really good.

Too bad as this could have been a decent Robocop-like game.

Concerning the Cartridge version :

Again, the major flaw was the too heavy use of the Hardwired sprites for the characters sprites (player or creeps) : those are DATA-heavy and slow to "animate" properly, as the 16 slots are too few for a proper animation with numerous frames or simply to feature enough enemies on the screen (the same probelm with Robocop 2 yet this one turn to be more a platformer than a shooting-punks-game).

Yet the scrolling is quite decent, fluid and smooth.

And graphics are colourfull, the hard-sprites being in pseudo Mode1 with 15 colours.


Dick tracy cpc screenshot.pngDick tracy cartridge screenshot.png

CPC and Cartridge versions.


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Longplay courtesy from Xyphoe.


http://www.cpcmania.com/ ( on the games section : GX4000/CPC+ GAMES )