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The Facts

As French softwares producers sometimes did, Dinamic was a great Spanish Games developper on Amstrad format because Amstrad CPC was also a best seller computer in spain... So Amstrad was a priority medium to profit from local market.

As a result, few Speccy ports, compared to English developpers...and a colourfull use of the Extra Graphical capabilities (compared to other 8 bit systems in eastern europe...)

Many games were 2 parts games, so 2 almost different games with a code in order to play the 2nd part (Army move, Navy moves, Game Overs...) in a way like some (British) Ocean's games (Rambo 3...).

Also, often the intro graphical colourfull page was a ports of notable comics (illustratos) artist such as Luis Royo...

Those intro pages were often amongst the best quality Graphics Amstrad CPC could offer... and often displayed gorgeous women in sexy outfits.

Also the best Mode 0 games graphics were often produced by Dinamic softwares...(yet OCEAN was not bad at all too)


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