Fighting games

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Fighting games are covering the hand to hand fight and close combat games.

Beat them up

This is mostly a 1Vs1 fighting game. Yet more exotic variant may occur such as IK+ which is 1vs1vs1 game.

Examples include :

  • Barbarian (from Palace software, violent beheading sword fights)
  • Panza kick boxing (obvious)
  • IK+ (Karate)
  • Budokan (mixed asian martial arts, armed or un-armed)
  • Karateka (obviously)
  • Uchi-Mata (Judo)

Beat them all

This is mostly a Player vs many enemies configurations, often involving scrolling through levels and levels Boss, and saving a sexy girl before she gets raped or even worse.

Examples include :

  • Double dragon
  • Kung-Fu master
  • Dragon ninja

This subgenre is often mixed with other styles and includes same mechanics such as platformers or shooters games.


This can be 2D (plateform-like) despite graphics having a deepth feeling.

  • Dragon ninja
  • Kung-Fu Master

Or pseudo 3D, mostly using horizontal yet Isometric/Oblique backgrounds

  • Renegade series
  • Double dragon
  • WWF superstars

Multi player

Of course such game is better with a multiplayer option.

  • Beat them up often involve Player1 vs Player2 multiplayer mode.
  • Beat them all often involve a co-operative Players Vs environment multiplayer mode.

Break it all

  • Rampage is some sort of this.

This games allowed 3 players modes, the aim was to destroy buildings, survive, eat soldiers and destroy Army vehicules.

Also this game allowed players to fight each others while doing all those things in a MonsterRumble way.