Finders Keepers

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Finders Keepers
Finders Keepers front cover
Developer David Jones, Ed Hickman
Publisher Mastertronic
Release 1985
Platform(s) CPC, C64, MSX, ZX Spectrum
Genre Platform game
Game Modes Single player
Controls Keyboard Joystick
Media Cassette
Language Language:english

Finders Keepers is a platform game released by Mastertronic in 1985. It is the first of a series of four games starring the character Magic Knight.

In the game, the King of Isbisima has ordered Magic Knight to explore the dreaded Castle of Spriteland and collect as much treasure as possible, as the King needs to buy a birthday present for his daughter, Princess Germintrude. If Magic Knight manages to please the King sufficiently, he may be considered worthy enough to join the famed Polygon Table.

The Castle is full of objects and treasure - some of which is more valuable than others. There are several traders scattered throughout the Castle, and Magic Knight will need to trade with them to obtain money and buy other objects from them.