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GPaint toolbox

GPaint (as known as G's Malprogramm) was a graphic utility made by Günter Radestock.

Two versions were available. GPaint 1.0 was 64k-compatible, whereas GPaint 2.0 required 128k, and could utilise Günter's Atari-ST mouse adapter and the Vortex RAM expansion. Interestingly, v2.0 also had a screen layout reminiscent of the popular Atari ST art package DEGAS.

GPaint was popular in both Germany and in the United Kingdom, where it was adopted gleefully by many PD libraries.


Unusual features included:

  • Large proportional fonts
  • Copying a section from another picture on disc
  • Saving colour information in 'hidden bytes' in the picture (removing the name for a separate .PAL file)
  • Zoom mode
  • File compression (v2.0)
  • Atari-ST mouse adapter support (v2.0)

The software listing for version 2.0 was printed in the German magazine Schneider Magazin in issue 08/1988 as a utility for the also printed instruction for the Atari-ST mouse adapter of issue 07/1988.

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