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Ghostbusters by Activision

Ghostbusters is a game by Activision


Title: Ghostbusters
Company: Activision
Type: Arcade
Year: 1985


Has anybody seen a ghost? Matter of fact yes they have!

At this very moment hundreds of ghosts are making their way to the infamous spook central.

Only you can save the world from biblical proportions. To do this you must make it to the top of the temple of Zuul. You can only do this when you have killed a large number of ghosts, made more money then what you started with, and survived the dangerous streets. So go show 'em how you do it downtown!

Game Play

The game is based loosely around the Ghostbusters film.

You start off with a small loan from the bank in order to build a Ghostbuster franchise. You select a car, then various pieces of equipment, and then you are out on the street. As the PK energy level starts building, various building will flash red - this means there is a slimer there wreaking havoc, you can go there and catch this slimer with your trap. You earn money for every slimer you catch. As the game goes on, ghosts drift continously towards Zuul, with the Gatekeeper and Keymaster roaming around as well. Every so often, the Marshmallow Man appears, and if you arent prepared, he will stomp a city building causing a lot of damage. The ghosts get faster and faster and the PK energy level goes up faster as well.

You will need to visit the GHQ every so often to stock up, empty your traps and recharge your back packs if you accidentally cross the streams. You win by successfully sneaking 2 Ghostbusters into the building past the Marshmallow man to face Zuul. There apparently seems to be 2 different endings for this game (one with the Zuul scene at the top of the building and one without).



Longplay (edited): {{#ev:youtube|thWEiOuio8c|450}}

Alternate disk version with different ending: {{#ev:youtube|1OxN0JzYgWs|450}}