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Happy Computer was a German computer magazine with mixed themes like knowledge and hints about hardware and software, also games.

The title of the first issue was "Hobby Computer", but in Germany at this time another magazine with the title "Hobby" existed. That was a problem and the magazine "Hobby" sued. So the publisher renamend the computer magazine to "Happy Computer".

The computer game section was famous and the first big game section with the name "Power Play" was in issue 11/1986.

Later magazines were Power Play (first 03/1990 - last 04/2000) for computer games on many home computers like the C64, Amiga, etc and Computer LIVE (first 03/1990 - last 11/1992), a PC magazine with the editorial staff from "Happy Computer".

There have been several Happy Computer special editions, including 8 issues focusing on the Schneider CPC, see Happy Computer (Schneider Sonderheft).


Magazine Names : Hobby Computer (first issue)
Happy Computer (later issues)
Publisher : Markt & Technik-Verlag
Language : German
Price : 3 DM.
First Issue : 11/1983
Last Issue : 02/1990