Help Inc.

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Cover of the Cronosoft re-release of Help Inc.

Help Inc. is a text adventure that was written by Jason Davis using The Graphic Adventure Creator.

It was originally released by WoW Software in 1993 and was the last of Jason's four text adventures to be released.

Cronosoft re-released Help Inc. in May 2006.

In the game, you are the incompetent Agent 57 of Help Inc., and have been sent on an assignment to enter a prison.

Unfortunately, you end up in a prison cell.

You must firstly escape, and if you manage to achieve this, you must then complete another assignment that Help Inc. will give you.

Help Inc. was originally intended to be a two-part adventure, but Jason went to university shortly after starting work on it, and it became a single-part adventure instead.


Title: Help Inc.
Company: WoW Software/Cronosoft
Type: Adventure
Year: 1993