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Klax cartridge.png

An Almost Direct Disk to Cartridge Port.

Also a brilliant Arcade Port.

There is almost no difference between both versions gameplay wise.

Yet as a colourfull non-scroller reflexion game, the CPC/PLUS version is one of the best for 8 bit computers.


Covers from CPCmania



You can download in PDF from CPCmania ( See the links ).


You can download in CPR for use in emulators and BIN from CPCmania ( See the links ).


Quick Look by Novabug {{#ev:youtube|deq6DM-tkMs|340}}


Videos of CPC version courtesy from Ataru'75 and CholoCPC.

Implementation details and use of Plus hardware

  • Mode 0 is used for display
  • Plus palette is used for screen transitions (fade in and fade out) and in game (some colours are slightly different to the CPC version)
  • Plus raster interrupt is not used
  • Plus split screen is not used
  • Plus pixel by pixel hardware scroll is not used
  • Plus sprites are not used


http://www.cpcmania.com/ ( on the games section : GX4000/CPC+ GAMES )