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Letter Quality LQ3500 24pin Dot Matrix Printer from Amstrad. Available as LQ3500 and LQ3500di (di = dual interface, with additional RS232 interface).

Details are unknown.

Unknown if it fits in the CPC era, or if it is a newer product.


General Specifications

For (detailed) general information about Amstrad/Scheider printers, see:

DMP4000 Mechanics.jpg


  • ACU Nov 1987, announced on page 5, reviewed on pages 38, 39,40: "AMSTRAD has a reputation for giving products really interesting and useful names. The LQ3500 keeps this tradition..." (Whew!)
  • ACU Jan 1988, page 6 contained a note that Epson took legal actions against Amstrad (they didn't like the "LQ" nor the "3500")

User Manual

  • None such scanned...?

Service Manual