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The Maestro from Vanguard Leisure Ltd. is a simple stereo amplifier with speakers and headphones, offered for use with Amstrad computers. A similar package is the Sound Blaster from Siren Software.


Features (as shown in the Advert)

  • Powerful stereo amplifier which utilises the Amstrads full sound capabilities.
  • Compatible with the 464, 664, and 6128 omputers.
  • Very easy to use. Demonstration software included.
  • Enhances most existing software in wonderful stereo.
  • No external power supply needed.
  • Works with ALL add on's.
  • Complete with two high quality 30 watt double cone air suspension speakers in pod mounts, for group listening and a pair of lightwight headphones for personal listening.
  • Range of music tapes which complement the Maestro perfectly.
  • Can be used with your own Hi-Fi speakers.
  • A must for all music lovers.
  • Designed by experts.


The Maestro has 3 leads. Two of these leads connect the Maestro to the CPC's power connection. The third lead connects to the CPC's 3.5mm stereo sound connector.

On the back it has 2 DIN 41529 loudspeaker connectors.

On the front it has two dials for adjusting the volume of the left and right sound channels individually, a connection for headphones and a button which chooses output to headphones or speakers.

The Demo cassette contains a program which plays sound through the CPC's sound chip. It can be used to test that the sound is comming through the Maestro correctly.


Actually any stereo Hi-Fi can be plugged into the Jack sound port of the CPC.

This is the ancestor of modern PC external speackers.