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The program MegaFlashROManager for FutureOS and AMSDOS/BASIC (on disc or as ROM) allows the management of the 512 KB Flash-ROM (=Pseudo-ROM) of the MegaFlash developed by Bryce of FutureSoft. It also supports the FlashGordon from PulkoMandy and the MegaFlash EX from Nilquader. Since version 2.07 it also supports TotO's X-MEM boards (Winbond or SST Flash) and the SYMBiFACE II.

You can load/save all 32 ROMs at once. And every single 16 KB Flash-ROM can be managed individually. This software was developed by TFM of FutureSoft. Versions for both OS and 64 KB or 128 KB CPCs are available.

MegaFlashROManager Main Menu
MegaFlashROManager Test ROM

MegaFlashROManager 2.07 provides the following functions:

  • Automatically detect which Flash expansion is connected (X-MEM, MegaFlash, FlashGordon, MF EX, MF Bübchen etc).
  • Park or Unpark ROMs: This is done by manipulating the Byte at &C000. A parked ROM will not be initialized by the firmware.
  • Load ROM(s) (one or all 32): This function allows to load a 16 KB (ASCII) or 17 KB (Binary) ROM (or all 32 ROMs of 16 KB each at once) and to install it in the MegaFlash.
  • Save ROM(s) (one or all 32): Saves one or all ROMs to disc or hard disc. This feature can be used to create backups.
  • Copy ROM(s): Allows copying the content of one ROM select (16 KB) to another. You can use this function for example to copy the BASIC ROM to all free ROM selects.
  • Shift ROM(s): Shifts a 16 KB ROM from one ROM select to another, the old ROM select will be filled with &FF bytes.
  • Erase ROM(s): Deletes a 16 KB ROM with &FF bytes.
  • Test ROM(s): Provide information about a ROM like Type, Version, Mark, ROM name etc. Further you can install the correct check sum to a changed ROM. The ROMs at position 0 (usually the BASIC ROM) and 7 (usually AmsDOS) are protected.
  • Protect Flash: It will switch on the Software-Data-Protection (SDP), it renders the Flash inaccessible.
  • Test Flash: This protocol is intended to check the integrity of the 512 KB Flash in a relatively sophisticated way. But it takes 6 minutes. Further, currently this function can't be used due to interference's which corrupt ROMs.
  • EDIT ROM: This function allows you to display a ROM in ASCII and hexadecimal. You can alter bytes in the hexadecimal system (Feature only available under FutureOS).
  • Erase complete Flash chip: This should only be done for initialization purposes.
  • Automatic SDP management: Not visible for the user, the SDP gets switched off for burning, but remains active at all other times.
  • Enhanced error checking: You can see if the last Flash operation was successful or not.
  • Support of expansion ROMs for the CP/M Plus operating system from Graduate software.

For loading and saving ROMs you can directly enter device and name, so you can access files even on exotic devices.

ROM files with and without an header can be loaded and installed.

The version for FutureOS is slightly advanced and more quick than the version for BASIC. The differences in comfort and speed are OS dependent (file handling f.e.). In addition the EDIT system of FutureOS can be used to edit ROM contents.

The 128 KB version has a multiple language interface for: English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish. In addition a version that fits in an single 16 KB ROM has been released. If desired this ROM can in addition contain the BOOSTER routine (Inicron) to initialize all 32 ROMs. The 64 KB version - mainly developed for the CPC464/664 - allows to select the language at startup.

File-names must be entered in the format "0A:filename.ext". The number is the user number followed by the drive letter and a semicolon":". Then 8 letters filename, a dot "." and finally the 3 letters extension. With Control-TAB you can switch the editing mode to overwrite.


The Source Code to Flash a 16 KB ROM can be found here:

- Media:Flash.dsk


  • Download it at Go to the Download section.
  • Latest general Release date was March 5, 2013. The version number is 1.45.
  • Latest Release date for FutureOS was June 16, 2015. Version number is 2.07.