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Not all CPC software has been archived... yet. Over the years, thousands of titles were created for the Amstrad CPC and Plus range of computers so, inevitably, some of it has slipped past the keen eyes of Amstrad user preservation schemes. The purpose of this page is to identify which software is missing from the main archives; in the hope that it can be found and digital copies made of it all, to preserve it for the future.


Title Publisher Date of Release
Amstrad Assembler Mountainsoft October 1984
Mastercomposer Westhill Music late 1987
Money Matters Triple R Software


Title Publisher Date of Release
Matchmaker October 1984
Microbot September 1984
Mr Wimpy September 1984
Pengwyn September 1984
Pipeline Amsoft 1984-5*
Pontoon October 1984
Poster Paster Amsoft 1984-5*
Pulse Warrior Cable Software 1985
Space Pirate September 1984
Trace Race Cable Software October 1984

* Although advertised with a mock-up cover, this title may never have been released.

Educational Titles

Title Publisher Date of Release
Dragon October 1984
Potluck October 1984
Target Maths Triple R Software


Title Publisher Date of Release
Amsta-Draw October 1984
Choice Cheats 1st Choice Software