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This is a new version of No$cart by Kevin Thacker.

It is based on the work by Nocash.


  • Generated cartridges work on GX4000, 464Plus and 6128Plus
  • The OS on the cartridge thinks it is a CPC6128 with BASIC v1.1 and AMSDOS only. Expansion ROMs are not initialised to avoid compatibility issues
  • The source is freely available and builds on Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • The patched AMSDOS thinks the disc is write protected.

The tool (since v1.3) supports:

  • DATA format discs
  • SYSTEM format discs
  • Standard disk image format
  • Extended disk image format

Like the original there are some restrictions:

  • Any program which uses direct floppy disc controller access will not work. (It must be patched)
  • Any program that relies on specific disc loading timing will operate differently (loading from cart is quicker)

The following restrictions also apply if you want to use the cartridge on GX4000:

  • Program must use no more than 64KB ram
  • Program must be operated only through digital joystick (i.e it must be possible to start the game, play it, change the options and enter your name into the hiscore table using joystick alone).

To work correctly on GX4000 using joystick and P for pause, the program often needs to be patched.

Version Changes File
1.3 Initial Version