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Nonterraqueous by Mastertronic

Nonterraqueous is a game from Mastertronic


Title: Nonterraqueous
Written by: Stephen Curtis
Company: Mastertronic
Type: Arcade / Platform
Year: 1985


"Nonterraqueous: Not of the earth or sea"

The game takes place on a remote planet that is ruled by an evil computer who is playing a universal chess game and is using the population as pawns. The population is planning a revolt and in doing so have built themselves a robot called the 'Seeker' to find the evil computers base and destroy it. You control the 'Seeker' and must navigate through the inside of a mountain (This mountain has 42 levels, split into 3 sections all up giving you over 1,000 screens).

This game has a sequel: Nonterraqueous 2 (Soul of a Robot).

Game Play

You control the Seeker through the inside of a mountain looking for the evil computers base - in order to do this you need to navigate through 1000+ screens. Your 'Psyche' is depleted on contact with the evil computes minions and photon thrusters will kill you instantly - so be careful. Your Seeker can fly, move along the ground, pick up objects etc - all have important uses.

There are some things to figure out in this game (Fuel & A Rocket) for example, in order to progress further. SWOP landing pads allow you to switch modes - which means you can shoot. Both of these operational mode have their uses. When you 'Psyche' runs out, it is game over. You can collect more 'Psyche'as you travel.





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