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A classic Arcade Port from the acclaimed Namco's Pac-Mania.

Yet it was also a Speccy Port of death.


Title: Pac-Mania
Company: Grandslam
Type: isometric PacMan

Editor : Grandslam

Editor in spain : Zafiro Software

Program Code by : Shaun HOLLINGWORTH, Peter HARRAP, Craig GRIST Graphics by : Jason WILSON Music Arranged by : Ben DAGLISH


Pacmania title.png Pac04.png

Notice the attributed colours artefacts in the intro page and in game's HUD, a delightful and typical signature from the ZX Spectrum origin.

Notice also how the game manages to display 6 colours on screen yet remains mono-colour in the playfield. This heavy raster use may also be a cause of sluggishness.


Let's dream about how this game should have been done.

Pacmania title redone.pngRecolored pacmania1.png